Take this mental health test and discover how to take care of yourself to be happy.

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Throughout your life, you may be curious about the state of your mental health, and when looking for a test to help you assess this, you will come across countless questionnaires that attempt to measure your emotional well-being methodically and schematically, with typical questions such as whether you have noticed changes in your mood or difficulties in sleeping.

But if something defines the human mind (and people), it is that set of feelings and emotions that sometimes shake us like a whirlwind and other times leave us feeling low. That's why the results of those tests can be very variable depending on the day or the moment when we take them and may even be biased.

How to find balance to be happy!

Next, we present you with the ultimate, fresh, and optimistic test to measure your mental health and discover how you can continue to take care of something as important as being happy. Note your answers and check the final result below:

What is the place where you feel safest?

A. City
B. Sea
C. Mountains

What would you say is your favorite hobby?

A. Reading a good book
B. Trying new dishes
C. Outdoor sports

How often do you practice it?

A. Once a week
B. 2-3 times a week
C. Almost daily

How often do you eat your favorite healthy meal?

A. Every two weeks
B. Once a week
C. 2-3 times a week

What quality do you value most in yourself?

A. My sense of responsibility
B. My optimism
C. My perseverance

And what do you value most in the people around you?

A. Punctuality
B. Loyalty
C. Discipline

How many times do you laugh per day?

A. Less than 10 times
B. More than 20 times
C. Between 10 and 20 times

In what position do you sleep best?

A. On your back
B. Indefinite
C. On your side

Which of these is your biggest weakness?

A. My parents' smiles
B. My dog's barking
C. Traveling to incredible places

How do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

A. Achieving my dream job
B. Inner peace
C. A life full of adventures and adrenaline

Majority of A answers:

You will find emotional balance by cultivating social relationships and spending a significant amount of time in interconnected spaces that allow you to combine work, housing, shopping, and leisure in an organized manner. For you, this is quality of life, and you strive to achieve it: enjoyment, health, stability, freedom, fairness, and family and community connection. After all, you are your safe place.

Majority of B answers:

What is happiness? In your case, to be happy, you need love, inspiration, and letting yourself flow. In fact, anything that stimulates your senses will help you rediscover your essence and vitality, sharing it with others (that's why you share so many moments laughing together). Pamper yourself and try to engage in activities that allow you to connect more with nature and your "vitamin" people, and you'll find beauty everywhere. Try something new for the first time!

Majority of C answers:

It's important for you to enjoy life as a journey, not as a destination. Sports and adrenaline are your way of life, serving to oxygenate your body and mind. There's nothing that makes you feel better than achieving a challenge and setting the next one, a bit more challenging. In the meantime, you focus so much on it that all thoughts and problems in your head disappear, allowing you to disconnect 100%. Something similar happens when you travel, due to the excitement of breaking away from the routine, gaining experience, and recharging your batteries. So, why not do more of what makes you happy?

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