The essential supplements to take on a trip.

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You are looking forward to starting the holidays, enjoying the good weather, and free time; we know it. But you are also worried about being able to maintain a balanced diet and get all the necessary nutrients for the next few weeks. For this reason, we explain what the essential supplements are to take on a trip and we give you many more recommendations that will be useful to you.

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Rest and relaxation typical of vacations are very healthy, but, for the body to be well cared for, we must not ignore the importance of food and, in many cases, nutritional supplementation.

For this reason, carrying the necessary food supplements in the suitcase has become an essential part of the routine of many travelers, since it can make a difference regarding how we feel during the holidays and after them. Remember that this time of year is when we tend to eat worse (more fried food, ice cream, sauces...) and move less, which can have consequences for our health.


What options to choose?

Are you clear about the accessories you need the most these days? Most of us will benefit from an extra supply of vitamins C and E, recommended nutrients to protect us from the effects of the sun on the skin. These antioxidant vitamins help counteract oxidative stress and keep the skin in good condition, especially if we take Collagen with Magnesium at the same time, which allows its regeneration.

In fact, we offer you a very convenient, concentrated, and easy-to-carry Collagen with Magnesium format (in single-dose sachets), also to continue taking care of bones, joints, hair and other body tissues outside our home.

Cod Liver Oil is another supplement that will help you in this regard, as it contains the mentioned before vitamin E, vitamin A for vision, vitamin D to fix calcium in the bones, and Omega 3, a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

A good idea is to include the pearls in a small pill box to be able to follow the treatment in the most comfortable way, always respecting the usual schedules and the recommended doses of each of them. You can even keep a daily log to make sure you don't miss any shots.

In addition, enjoying the local gastronomy is sometimes related to suffering from digestive discomfort, which is why we also recommend you take Mag-mast®, magnesium carbonate that comes in a pocket dispenser format and chewy texture, with a pleasant cream flavor and a natural antacid effect that will surprise you. And if you suffer from constipation while traveling, you'll be happy to know that carbonate has the plus of being a mid-level laxative!


How do I not forget anything at home?

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to reduce this risk, which we know worries you:

Make a detailed list of all the objects you need to take with you and cross them off as you put them in the suitcase. Divide the list into categories, such as: clothing, footwear, personal hygiene items, important documents (identification, money, credit cards, plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc.), books, electronic devices, medicines, nutritional supplements, etc.

Do not pack at the last minute, as you may forget something. You must have enough time and peace of mind to verify and reorganize your belongings.

Before you leave home, quickly go through the list to make sure you're not forgetting anything. Turn off the lights, unplug the electrical appliances, close the windows, the gas tap...

Do a final check in each room to make sure nothing important is left behind and lock the door, setting the alarm if you have one.

By following these tips and those from our previous article, you will be more prepared and less likely to forget something basic at home, such as your supplementation, so that you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind and health. Remember that, for this, it is also essential to move as much as you can during your vacation! 

Check the template below, you can use it if needed!

Blank Vacation Packing List

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