How to Make a Healthy Pizza

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Everybody loves pizza,so today we give you the guidelines so that from now on you can prepare delicious pizzas, 100% adapted to your tastes and adequate from a nutritional point of view. We present you with different healthy options to prepare pizza.

In general, when we think of eating pizza, we associate it with a type of "unhealthy dish", because it is common to order them at home in fast food chains or buy them frozen

These varieties are rich in refined flours, low-quality fats and processed foods (bacon, York ham, strong cheeses...). It is also common to find added ingredients such as sugar, dextrose or lactose: sugars that further decrease the nutritional quality of the product.

To be able to prepare a pizza that fits in the context of healthy eating, it is essential to do it at home by choosing the ingredients to use carefully, starting with those for the dough. It is advisable to replace common refined flours with satiating foods, such as egg white, some vegetables (cauliflower pizza, broccoli, lentils) and whole grains.


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Our pizza: a complete plate

Our pizza will be able to comply with the plate method, ensuring that approximately 50% of its ingredients are vegetables, that the amount of carbohydrates is around 25% and the amount of protein is over 25% of the total, these being high Biological value (from eggs, white meat, shellfish, canned fish, etc.).

The toppings that we use are also decisive: the tomato sauce is important that it is made from natural tomato, the cheese is fresh or tender (instead of cured) and the fresh and good quality vegetables (red or green peppers, mushrooms, eggplant, artichoke, onion... and some olives). You can also add some basil leaves or some natural/roasted nuts, as well as dress it with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil just before serving.

In short, it is possible to eat a delicious pizza that is adequate from a nutritional point of view and adapted 100% to your taste, achieving very healthy results with different flavors and textures than what you are used to.

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