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A well-groomed musculature is the best support for our skeleton and the most effective way to speed up metabolism to achieve a healthy weight, plus all the related health benefits. Biologically, it is a little more difficult for women to develop it, but given its importance, today we are going to explain how to feed your muscles to achieve a correct body composition and optimal performance, reducing the percentage of fat.


The key is not in the weight, but in your body composition.

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If what you are looking for is to lose weight in a lasting way or to improve your health and physical condition in general, beyond the weight that the scale indicates, it is essential to know your body composition (that is, the percentage of muscle and fat in your body). , because it gives us a much more real vision of the physical and health status of each person.

In fact, the optimal fat percentage in men is usually between 8 and 16%, and in women between 15 and 21%. Adjusting to these percentages we will obtain an adequate muscle mass, related to a healthy weight, an active energy metabolism (which manages to burn fat more efficiently) and with an adequate sustenance for the organism.

The reality that women have, in most cases, less muscle mass and slightly more fat mass is due to a hormonal, biological and reproductive issue. In general, our testosterone levels are 20% lower than those of men, so after training you do not experience the same muscle growth or at the same rate. In addition, during adulthood we tend to carry out numerous unbalanced diets, ignore strength exercises or not take enough protein a day, which plays against us.

 We must not forget that strength training is very important because, in addition to strengthening the muscles, it slows down bone loss (reducing the risk of fractures related to osteoporosis), improves posture and both physical and mental performance. The best way to reduce muscle deterioration associated with the passage of time is to incorporate into your weekly habits a combination of cardio, active living, training with your own body weight (calisthenics) and, of course, a balanced diet.


Basic dietary guidelines to take care of the muscles.

  • Ingest enough quality protein: Starting with one serving at lunch and another at dinner of foods such as white meat, legumes, oily fish or eggs, which contain all the essential amino acids for the repair of tissues.
  • Eat at least 1 citrus fruit a day (orange, strawberry, kiwi, pepper, tomato...), since they are foods rich in vitamin C, a key nutrient for collagen synthesis and the elasticity of muscle fibers.
  • A handful of nuts a day, as they are an excellent source of essential nutrients: they provide fiber, protein, vitamins, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They are also rich in magnesium, a key mineral for maintaining muscle tone and preventing contractures, cramps, and injuries.


The importance of magnesium for the health of your muscles

In your day to day and during physical exercise, magnesium is essential, as it is the gateway for energy to enter the intracellular space. The effort generates a loss of magnesium, which leads to a reduction in resistance (if we need it and we do not supplement ourselves correctly). It also helps preventatively in periods of high stress, hectic or anxiety, in which it is excreted in greater quantities, and it is recommended to take a booster to combat fatigue and promote the normal functioning of the Nervous System. We can use Total Magnesium® 5 for this and thus prevent neck stiffness, back/extremity pain, and mental tension.

In short: take care of your diet and avoid long hours on the sofa during your free afternoons or weekends. It is the best time to move by doing activities that help you disconnect and spend quality time with your loved ones. Remember, a sedentary lifestyle is the main enemy of your muscles and your health, while movement is the best way to prevent overweight, heart disease and depression.


Don't these seem like enough reasons?

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