3 simple ways to celebrate self-love and dedicate time to self-care.

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February 14th is a date traditionally celebrated as a day of love for couples. Each year, for centuries, on Valentine's Day, lovers typically exchange cards, flowers, jewelry, chocolates, and even trips as symbols of the bond that unites them. In fact, the origin of this tradition seems to date back to Roman times, in honor of a priest who was sentenced to death for secretly marrying young couples.

However, as you know, there are many other types of love: love for nature, for family, for friends, for animals, for work... But the first on the list should always be self-love because, cliché as it may sound, "to love others well, we must first learn to love ourselves."


Self-love, the most important kind

Most people tend to evaluate themselves based on how others see them, which leads to enormous insecurity when we encounter someone who doesn't get along with us or isn't interested in getting to know us or appreciating us enough. At times, we may think we're worth little or that we lack something to please our surroundings. And indeed, there will always be something missing because it's impossible to please everyone. Accepting oneself involves unconditional love that generates security, allows for better social relationships, and fosters personal growth, hence its great value. Imperfections are inevitable, but self-love will gradually help us improve them and develop self-esteem and new skills to gain confidence and be able to convey it to the world.


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How can we love ourselves better?

The answer lies in self-care, seeking inner and outer well-being and balance. We achieve this by reserving time to do things we enjoy and enrich us, listening to our body and mind, lowering our level of self-demand a bit, practicing sports, meditation, mindfulness, or relaxation techniques (as many of us live on the verge of anxiety attacks), having healthy relationships, taking care of nutrition, and ensuring a good night's sleep.


Moreover, speak kindly to yourself, pamper yourself, indulge occasionally, decide to be who you are, and don't let other people's opinions affect you. If you're becoming aware of the importance of your emotional well-being, taking our mental health test can serve as a starting point.


A little extra help

Changing your mindset and making an effort to improve your quality of life is a complex and usually lengthy process, but it's worth it. Surround yourself with the people and professionals you need to achieve it, make small changes, and be persistent. You can also use nutritional supplementation in more complex moments at a professional, personal, physical, or mental level, as it will give you the little push you need to feel better and perform at your best. At Ana María LaJusticia®, we have different product categories suitable for each case or personal situation, such as:


Emotional Balance: Two options to help improve mood and combat nervousness, depending on its level.

Muscle Relaxation: Different types of magnesium to help combat fatigue, relieve muscle discomfort, and prevent injuries.

Joints: Our Collagens with Magnesium, capable of reinforcing body tissues and preventing their deterioration.

Sleep: Your best allies if you find it difficult to fall asleep or maintain it throughout the night.

Defenses and energy: An extra boost for your immune system and vitality.

Women: Supplements designed to meet women's nutritional needs in different stages of life.


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