Your Simple Guide on Getting Ready for Christmas

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Christmas Excess

How to get ready forĀ Christmas

When Christmas approaches, it comes with the risk of gaining weight and damaging our cardiovascular health. This is because it is a time of the year in which there are many celebrations in a row, in which our diet tends to get out of control and sedentary lifestyle increases. Therefore, today we explain how to prepare for Christmas excesses.Ā 

How to prepare for Christmas excesses?Ā Ā 

We advise trying to get to the meal with little appetite, having a healthy snack at least 3 hours before might help. When we start to eat, we will choose quality appetizers in our festive menus, such as vegetable juices, guacamole, skewers, fresh fruits, roasted vegetables, hummus, natural or toasted nuts, etc. In this way, it will be easier for us to control the volume of food to eat during the meal. Also, the portions should be small.Ā It is convenient that we place all the appetizers that we are going to eat together on the plate (so it will be easier to globally observe everything that we will eat to not overdo it).Ā 

The next point to consider is that the first dish should be of vegetable origin. If we include a whole wheat pasta or legume salad as a first course or some grilled seasonal vegetables, we will improve the nutritional quality of the menu and avoid caloric food. As for the second course, the ideal is that it is rich in protein and the garnish is light. Avoid having the third course, especially if it is a caloric dessert.Ā 

At the same time it is important to know that, after a huge meal, we should not do a fasting day (as is sometimes erroneously recommended). It is better to continue eating at least four meals a day, but lighter than usual. Thus, the body will receive balanced doses of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, minerals and vitamins; and it will be in better metabolic conditions to burn adipose tissue. This is also the best way to avoid feeling hungry, keep your blood glucose under control, and avoid temptations. Also, taking a daily dose of our AlgaeĀ tabletsĀ might help, since itĀ intervenes in the combustion of carbohydrates and fats.

And finally, always move, but more so at Christmas: after a copious meal, it is essential to find a time to go for a brisk walk, ride a bike or do a HIIT circuit. By increasing energy expenditure, we will compensate for the excess consumed during that day and we will accelerate the metabolism, to continue "burning more calories" during the night.Ā 

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