Collagen in Animals

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As we all already know, collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body: 38% of our cartilage, tendons, bones, arteries, teeth, muscles, nails and skin are collagen, so we have to try to cover the daily needs of this nutrient and thus achieve good maintenance and regeneration of body tissues, and a better quality of life. 
The same happens in the case of animals (dogs, horses...), as some species even have 40% collagen in their tissues. In addition, magnesium plays a fundamental role in the endogenous formation of proteins such as collagen, so it is important to combine them. 
The passage of time inevitably generates the global deterioration and aging of organisms because it reduces their natural ability to regenerate collagen, which makes them more susceptible to injury. This fact leads to joint and hip discomfort, and even osteoarthritis. 

What About on Dogs? 

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Oral supplementation with collagen in dogs reinforces from the inside, providing structure, resistance, elasticity and youth to the tissues. Consequently, it helps improve mobility, reduce hair loss, improve osteoarthritis and prevent it, especially in young and very active dogs. 
It is important to consult with our veterinarian about the supplementation of our pet, so that they can tell us in what dose they need it and how often, although half a gram of collagen is usually recommended for every 5 kg of the animal's weight. 

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